Monday, 21 January 2013


Even though we have the same queen, England is very different from us. Here are a few changes I spotted:
1.The chocolates here are different. There are some I have never seen before like Whispa and Whispa gold.

2. Here we have pints of milk, which are tiny. They are even smaller then a litre!

3. Its really, really, really, cold. Sometimes it even snows in may!




  1. What a perfect background for my dedicated reader! If only they were all in your room Bec! Can't wait till I have a Whispa Gold. Love, Grandad

    1. Thankyou grandad! What do you think the books are called? Missing you,

    2. Mmm? A very interesting question. What I do think about this magnificent collection is that it is clear evidence to support the old saying 'you can't judge a book by its cover'! Perhaps the 3rd book from the right on the second shelf is 'Alice in Wonderland', but then again, it could be motor cycle mechanics for beginners. Both good books of course. Love you Bec,