Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sculpting Greece

We have been doing a lot of Ancient Greek stuff lately.

My mum has done a lot of activities when we sculpt or build something from Greece.

This is a picture of my lego creation of the Greek myth, 'The Golden Apple'. The Golden Apple is about a girl who from the great Caledonian boar hunt (see Artemis). When she goes home, her father, the king wants her to get married. But she doesn't want to get married so she tells her dad that if somebody beats her in a running race he will have her hand. But if he doesn't win he will die. Her dad thought this a sensible idea but it definitely wasn't because his daughter is the champion runner. Her daughter also thought this a reasonable idea because nobody would sign up to something like that. But unexpectedly lots of people did! And each and every one of them lost, until one day a young man saw her running. He was also a champion runner but no where near as fast. Sd catch up easily.
o he prayed to the goddess Aphrodite and she appeared to him and gave him three golden apples that every girl couldn't resist. So he took the golden apple and prepared for the race.

In the first round it was a dead heat. In the second round she was definitely winning and he thought it was a good time to use the golden apples. The first one didn't do much good except made her run to the golden apple, run back, and catch up easily. So did the second one. When he threw the third one the goddess Aphrodite used her powers to make it roll right off the track. She just couldn't bear not having it, so she quickly darted off the track toward it and picked it up. She ran straight back, but it was too late. He had already crossed the finish line. Unfortunately, everything wasn't as good as it seemed. They were so happy that they forgot to thank the goddess Aphrodite, and she became very angry - so angry that she made them kiss each other in the temple of Rhea. This was illegal, so Rhea turned them into lions.

This is a picture of a Greek tablet I made with my name on it, in Greek. It is made of plasticine.

This is a sea monster I made with plasticine. It is very deadly, and its only weakness is that it doesn't have venom, but it can breathe fire. The only way to kill it is to take the purple scale from on its nose. Of course, this is practically impossible, because the head is the most well-guarded part of it, with horns at the back and a fire-breathing mouth with super-sharp teeth at the front. This makes it the hardest monster in the world to kill. I did it because sea monsters are very popular in Greek myths.


  1. Hi Bec, love the post. I like the way you retell the myth and the humour you add. A complicated myth with an unfortunate ending. The sea monster is also very impressive! Love Grandad

  2. Thank you grandad! I love looking at your comments. It is really fun.