Friday, 1 February 2013

Made by human hands

As we were walking to the Fitzwilliam museum, I managed to take some photos of some stuff. They all had something in common. They were made by human hands!Here are some of the pictures I took.

These are some Cambridge colleges in the distance. They are older then you might think.

 This is a fountain which was built and placed in the marketplace in 1614 when they built a system to carry clean water into Cambridge because the water in the ditches was really, really gross.

 The top of the doorway of the Fitzwilliam Museum.
(all the things inside it were made by humans too! )

St Mark's Church, which is round the corner from our house.


  1. Hi Rebecca, Happy New year! Congratulations on a fabulous blog. I've found everything so interesting. You are going to have the best year ever! I look forward to seeing more pics and reading more soon. Bye for now, Mrs Southam

  2. Hi Bec, an interesting reflection on your walk. I love your collection of things 'made by human hands'. Great to see your photos too. Love, Grandad