Monday, 4 February 2013

The grave of destiny!

On Sunday I went on an expedition to the church where my ancestors went.When we got there my dad told  us to look for the head-stone of our ancestors' grave, which he thought was lost. (When my grandparents visited the church nine years ago the head-stone was not in the place where it used to be.) But a minute later he found it. I was so excited and happy. Then we looked inside the church until mum found something. We were amazed. We used to think that we had 1 person buried here, but mum looked in a book that had a catalogue of the writing on all the head-stones and there were 2! We rushed outside to see it. When we found it we couldn"t even read the writing. That wasn't suprising because the grave was from 1723!

Now I'll tell you about my ancestors.The first grave belonged to my great great great great grandfather and great great great great grandmother, Edward and Susan Starling.

We think the second one belonged to my great great great great great great great great grandmother Anna Starling.

Then we went home, pleased with our discovery.

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  1. Hi Bec, this must have been a very exciting visit. Thanks for the explanation of the first headstone as it is hard to read from the photo. Love Grandad