Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sedgwick museum

Last Friday we went to the Sedgwick Museum. It was the most awesome museum ever! It had lots of dinosaur fossils including some fossils that Mary Anning dug herself.

Mary Anning was a girl who earned her living by selling dinosaur fossils. When she was a  baby she was  struck  by lightning. But she survived! One day she discovered the first pleisiosaur. She also discovered the first pterosaur. My favourite fossil was a full one with all the parts.

There was a hippopotamus skeleton which was really cool because it was so large.

Then Jacob discovered something really cool. The museum was opened by his hero David Attenborough!

 out the front of the museum.

 me looking at an elephants tusk - found near Cambridge. They think elephants lived here before the ice age!

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  1. Enjoyed the post Bec. It does look like an amazing museum. Thanks for the extra facts about Mary Anning, she must have been very clever. What a pity David Attenborough didn't drop by. Love Grandad