Friday, 15 February 2013


Today I made a poem about my sister Elsie and I thought I would show it to you


Elsie is a maiden with
a burden she is laiden with
she's far from home and longs to go
back to the place she used to know
but despite that she is always trying
to stop all her relations crying
she's always being very kind
and the cleverest thoughts are in her mind
and even when she's being bad
she's alway's very,very sad
battling Boudicia, sweet Persephone
Elsie tries to be like these and is patient unlike me
don't look at me as if I lie for every word is true
and I hope someday that you will come to see things this way too.

1 comment:

  1. How wonderful to write a poem about Elsie. It's lovely to see how much you love your sister and I was impressed to see you linking the poem to your love of Greek myths. And by the way, I think that you can be patient and that you have lots of other wonderful qualities too. Love Grandad