Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My excursion

On the weekend, we went on a gianormous excursion to an ancient Roman place. It was in St Albans. First we went to a museum. It had lots of fun and interesting stuff. The fun stuff was: making an arch, looking at x-rays and using electronic things. The interesting stuff was: a picture of a stone with the real bits cut in, a piece of cement with paw prints on it and a movie about a Roman king. When we had finished,  I bought a model Roman villa I could build.

Next, we went to an ancient Roman theatre. That was favourite part. It felt so real to be looking down on a Roman theatre. On the other side were some more ruins. They had taken some things from this site and put them into the museum we saw earlier. There was also a hole with some wire on top. It was very scary to walk on.

Then we went to an Italian restaurant called Zizzi's. Dad's old school friend invited us. I made great friends with a girl my age. I ordered dough sticks, pepperoni and sausage pizza and chocolate ice cream.

Then we went to St Alban's Cathedral. It had an excellent choir and lovely stained glass windows. I liked listening to the bell best.

After that we went to the place in the Roman ruins where the central heating came from. It didn't have much.

As we were going home Jacob said that this city was his favourite.

here's the Roman villa I made once I got home!


  1. Hi Bec. I'm so glad you got to build the model villa, it looks great. It's also a great photo of you. I love your smile. What was in the pit that had wire over it? Love Grandad

  2. Thanks grandad! The pit had little carved out bits in the side of it. It used to be a place where Romans worshippd gods.

  3. PS. I think this post is my favourite.