Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Botanic Gardens

Yesterday we went to the Botanic Gardens with some friends of ours. First we went to the greenhouses. They had plants from tropical islands, the mountains and the desert! My favourite was the tropical one. I liked it because it had different coloured goldfish and I pretended that I had found a new animal from a tropical island. It looked like a bunny with a monkey's tail but it climbed trees and was as small as a mouse. I called it a 'homolo'.

After the greenhouse I ran straight to a fountain. I was expecting nice clean water with some coins at the bottom. What I wasn't expecting was that the fountain was partly frozen. Here are some pictures of it:

 A picture of the partly frozen fountain.

 Me about to step into the fountain but mum wouldn't let me :(
Holding a piece of ice.

It was partly frozen because it was 0 degrees or under the night before. 

Then we went to the cafe. Next to the cafe was some rockery and Elsie and I played kingdoms on it. I was the princess and she was the queen. Jacob was the evil person that we defeated. (Really, he decided not to play the game.)

Then we went inside the cafe and had some biscuits. We had a great time!

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  1. What fun. How unreasonable of Mum not to let you try to walk on the ice. Trust you Bec to tease your Mum! I must look out for Homolos when I next come to Cambridge. Love Grandad