Thursday, 7 February 2013

Northanger Abbey

Lately I have been reading Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen with my mum. It was the first book she ever wrote. It is about a girl named Catherine Morland, who goes to Bath with Mr and Mrs Allen. Mrs Allen is very vain. Here are a few quotes about them from the opening chapters:

No one who had ever seen Catherine Morland in her infancy would have ever supposed her born to be a heroine. Her situation in life, the character of her mother and father, her own person and disposition were all equally against her. She had a thin awkward figure, a sallow skin without colour, dark lank hair and strong features - so much for her person; and not yet unpropitious for heroism seemed her mind.
Mrs Allen:
Mrs Allen was one of that numerous class of females whose society can raise no other emotion than surprise at there being any men in the world who could like them enough to marry them. She had neither beauty, genius, accomplishment nor manner. The air of a gentlewoman, a great deal of quiet, inactive good temper and a trifling turn of mind were all that could account for her being the choice of a sensible, intelligent man like Mr Allen.
I think that Mrs Allen is very vain and likes her clothes too much. She is also very unreliable because she doesn't get Catherine Morland a partner when she is supposed to be the one introducing her!

I think Catherine Morland is very nice and quite pretty. But I don't know much about her yet.

Here is a picture of Mrs Allen and Catherine Morland dressed up for their first ball.

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  1. I love the quotes Bec, Jane Austen has a wonderful way of using language to describe even the most basic observations of life. I also love the way you describe Mrs Allen, I think Jane Austen would be pleased. Love Grandad