Friday, 21 June 2013

My artwork

Yesterday mum got us to do some art. We had to draw some pictures of fruit. Here is mine:


We have been learning about art. My favourite type of artworks are usually portraits of people that look realistic. I especially loved Pierre Renoir's paintings of people. My favourite was 'Girls at the piano'. I like it because it really looks like the girls are concentrating. Here is a picture of it:

 A good painting of people will make you feel like you have known the person in the painting all your life. Here is another of Renoir's paintings I saw in Paris and really loved.

It is called 'Country Dance'. Here is it's opposite, 'City Dance':

I like his paintings of people because it really feels like I could step into the painting with them. It doesn't look so realistic but it does look 'real'. He captures the expressions on their faces and shows them doing ordinary things.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Recently we went to Paris and I did so many things I will just tell you a few of my favourites:

Mon Martre

Mon Matre is the highest point in Paris (even higher than the Eiffel Tower). Lots of artists paint there and if they ask to paint your portrait you say 'no thank you'. I had an ice cream there.

The Louvre

The Louvre is mostly known for the Mona Lisa but I liked other, less famous ones like The Study of a Chameleon or The Virgin Mary with baby Jesus and Saint Martine. I might become an artist when I grow up.

The Tuileries Gardens

I loved the Tuileries Gardens. There was a Carousel and the bounciest trampolines ever! There was a playground and a thing where we could design our own French garden. I loved it.

 Eating Escargots

We also went to a French cafe where I ate escargots (snails!). They tasted a bit like chewy chicken. There wasn't any particular flavours. Dad and Jacob also tried it, but dad didn't like them.

I really loved Paris!

Friday, 14 June 2013


A few weeks ago we went to Nottingham. It was a great day!!!!! First we went to Nottingham Castle. It was used for lots of different things. It was even used as a museum and it had a cave tour which was awesome. The caves are tunnels built by people in the hill under the castle. They've been there since the middle ages. The best part was seeing a tunnel where some knights dug secretly to a pub!

me and Robin Hood

the caves tour!

in front of the castle

Next we went to the Galleries of Justice museum. There was a tour there that we went on. One of the guides was a man who I think was cooler than Robin Hood! Charlie S.P. was one of the coolest criminals I know. One of the police actually asked him if had heard of himself!!

Galleries of Justice museum was also a place where my ancestor (great, great, great, great grandfather) Joseph Woodward was tried and gaoled. He was gaoled because he was in a riot where the mob burnt down Nottingham Castle! He was supposed to be hanged but they took pity on him and he got sent to Australia as a convict.

the court room where Joseph Woodward had to face the judge
in front of the gallows where Joseph Woodward was going to be hanged (but he got sent to Australia instead)
the exercise yard in the gaol

Thursday, 6 June 2013


Yesterday we went to Duxford. In Duxford we went to an air museum. 

At the air museum there were lots of famous planes including the fastest passenger plane in the world.

First we went to the playground while we waiting for nanna and grandad who were coming with us. The playground was a great playground - most of it was shaped like a plane. Inside the plane there were all sorts of activities like a climbing frame and a slide. It was very fun pretending to be pilots!

When nanna and grandad got there we started looking at the aeroplanes. They were all collected and put in there like you might collect stamps! After that we looked at another collection of planes and went back to the playground to have morning tea.

When we finished playing we went to a part that had lots and lots of games. One of them was a game where you had to press some buttons and the missiles would come shooting up. Here is a picture:

the missile (there's grandad in the background)
There was also a thing where you learned how a plane flew. Here is a picture of that:

Then we went downstairs and looked at the Concorde. It was the plane that was the fastest passenger plane in the world. Grandad was really excited. After that we looked at a really luxurious plane - the BOAC Hermes. It was from the 1950s.

Elsie and me with the Concorde

At the end I went to the gift shop and bought a real 3p WWII coin!