Thursday, 6 June 2013


Yesterday we went to Duxford. In Duxford we went to an air museum. 

At the air museum there were lots of famous planes including the fastest passenger plane in the world.

First we went to the playground while we waiting for nanna and grandad who were coming with us. The playground was a great playground - most of it was shaped like a plane. Inside the plane there were all sorts of activities like a climbing frame and a slide. It was very fun pretending to be pilots!

When nanna and grandad got there we started looking at the aeroplanes. They were all collected and put in there like you might collect stamps! After that we looked at another collection of planes and went back to the playground to have morning tea.

When we finished playing we went to a part that had lots and lots of games. One of them was a game where you had to press some buttons and the missiles would come shooting up. Here is a picture:

the missile (there's grandad in the background)
There was also a thing where you learned how a plane flew. Here is a picture of that:

Then we went downstairs and looked at the Concorde. It was the plane that was the fastest passenger plane in the world. Grandad was really excited. After that we looked at a really luxurious plane - the BOAC Hermes. It was from the 1950s.

Elsie and me with the Concorde

At the end I went to the gift shop and bought a real 3p WWII coin!


  1. I certainly was excited about the Concorde, if only I could fly on one. What a wonderful visit is was. Love Grandad

  2. Hi Rebecca. I wonder if you remember whether there was a "Mosquito" at the air museum? My Grandpa was a one of the engineers that helped produce them during the war.