Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Recently we went to Paris and I did so many things I will just tell you a few of my favourites:

Mon Martre

Mon Matre is the highest point in Paris (even higher than the Eiffel Tower). Lots of artists paint there and if they ask to paint your portrait you say 'no thank you'. I had an ice cream there.

The Louvre

The Louvre is mostly known for the Mona Lisa but I liked other, less famous ones like The Study of a Chameleon or The Virgin Mary with baby Jesus and Saint Martine. I might become an artist when I grow up.

The Tuileries Gardens

I loved the Tuileries Gardens. There was a Carousel and the bounciest trampolines ever! There was a playground and a thing where we could design our own French garden. I loved it.

 Eating Escargots

We also went to a French cafe where I ate escargots (snails!). They tasted a bit like chewy chicken. There wasn't any particular flavours. Dad and Jacob also tried it, but dad didn't like them.

I really loved Paris!

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