Monday, 4 March 2013

The best day ever!

Today we went to a castle AND Sutton hoo which is a place with lots of burial mounds.It also has the burial ship of a king!

First we went to the castle.It was very interesting.Two of Henry The Eighth's wives came from there and was the place that Mary Tudor hid in. We even got to walk on the castle walls! Then we went outside and tried to climb the hill.It was really hard!

After that we went to Sutton Hoo. There were a lot of sheep and pigs. Then we went to Edith Pretty's house. That was my favourite part. Next we went to a museum about the Sutton Hoo burial mounds. It had the king's helmet, which was AWESOME! There was also a recreation of the ship that they found. Then we went to a playground that had a flying fox and a model ship. 

Then we went home and I had my first game of Moshi Monsters. My monster is a poppet.

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  1. I Bec, so glad you got to Edith Pretty's house, you must have loved seeing it as it was in the 1930s. You also look fierce in the Saxon helmet. I'm glad you mentioned all the sheep and pigs. When I've visited some English castles I've had to step over the sheep droppings as I walked around the castle grounds. Love Grandad