Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Middle Ages Jobs

We have been learning about the Middle Ages this week and I have been reading about the different jobs that people did. The people from the Middle Ages had lots of different jobs. Here are just a few of the ones that I love and hate. I hope you will learn lots.

Jobs I hate

1. Serf

 Serfs are people that work for their local lord. You cannot go away. When the land is sold you still have to work for the new person. The only good thing is that your lord feeds you and protects you.

2. Fuller

 When a weaver finishes his work, it's the fuller's job to make it ready for customers. He uses a type of clay and some urine (wee!) to make it wet, and then walks on it to make it harder. Then it is stretched out on a tenter to dry. As it dries it shrinks.

 3. Bishop

You may think that this is a great job but it is not. You have two bosses. One is the pope and the other is the king. When they argue it is very hard to choose who to go with.

4. Chaplain
A chaplain is a very holy person. He sees the bad things kings and queens do and corrects them. But the king could get very angry and sometimes he kills a chaplain.

Jobs I like

1. Yeoman
A yeoman is a man with a farm. He doesn't do any work - only peasants. There are lots of animals around, and I love animals.

2. Baker

Bakers start work in the morning. They knead bread that people pay for them to cook. There are three types of bread: big knights' loaves, medium squires' loves and tiny pages' loaves.

3. Salter
Salters make a sell salt. It is a very good job. People need salt to keep meat from rotting. They used lumps of brine and turned them into salt. The only bad thing is that the king usually taxes them.

4. Squires
Squires are knights in training. That's good because they will not get injured, because they fight dummies. They can't read but they have a good time anyway.

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  1. Hi Bec, I love your descriptions of the jobs. Seems to me that the bishops were in a tricky position. I also wondered whether the Fuller had it even tougher than you said. When you said how the fuller stretched the cloth and it would 'shrink', did you also mean 'stink' as well? Love Grandad