Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Last week we went on a journey to Bath. It is a place with lots of Roman baths. On the way we stopped at a few different places. The first place was Salisbury Cathedral. It was very pretty. There was a font that was beautiful. You could see all the stained glass windows in it and it looked like it was glass:

Then we went to Old Sarum. It had a very nice view and was very grassy. It had a castle that was in ruins on it.

Next stop was Stonehenge. It is some stones were probably used to look at the stars. They are very famous and quite interesting. Some people think that aliens put the stones there. That is stupid. The stone age people probably did.

The next day we spent in Bath. First we went to the Roman baths. It was very exciting. We went on the day on which the great baths were very mucky. It only happens once every ten years when they desludge them!

People from Roman times threw curses into the baths. They were made of lead. They also went there to talk and gossip and have a bath!

Next we went to the Pump Room which is a place where all the fancy ladies and gentlemen from Georgian times would drink and dance. We had hot chocolate and bath buns there. Bath buns are bun with sugar on top and sultanas in them.

Then we went to the fashion museum and we got to dress up as Victorians. It was very fun. The Assemby room was there too. That's where all the Georgian ladies and gentlemen would dance. Jane Austen talks a lot about the Assembly room and the Pump room in some of her books.

Then we went to the Jane Austen centre. It was my favourite part! I learned that Jane Austen was the second youngest in her family. She hated Bath and made bad characters in her books come from it. People did not know she was an author until after her death. I bought a book by Jane Austen called Emma and a very pretty Emma postcard. Then we went back to the place we were staying and had a delicious dinner.

The next day we came home from Bath. First we stopped at Bourton on the water. It was very pretty.

 Then we went to Oxford. We saw C.S. Lewis' house. It was owned by some people which is strange. I would turn it into a museum or maybe find a way to make it into a portal to Narnia!

Then we went to C.S. Lewis's church. His grave was quite pretty but I expected it to be more fancy. I bought a postcard for a souvenir from inside. I also got to sit on C.S. Lewis's pew. I would love to go there every week if I lived in Oxford.

After that we went to J.R.R. Tolkien's house. It was much bigger than C.S. Lewis's.

Then we went to the pub where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien met sometimes. It was called the Eagle and Child. It had a picture of an eagle holding a child on it. The sign was as I expected. The pub was very different to what I expected. I expected it to be a sort of museum. Instead it was an active pub where you could have nice lemonade. It had toilets and was quite big.

Then we went across to the road to the Matryrs' memorial. It was a memorial for three bishops that were burnt by Queen Mary.

Then we went for a quick visit to the museum there and came home.

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  1. Hi Bec, what a great trip. I love the photos of you enjoying the many places you visited. I loved the fountain in Salisbury Cathedral too. And also the church that C.S. Lewis attended. And I'm sure I would have loved the chocolate. Love Grandad