Monday, 11 March 2013

Wimpole Hall

On Saturday we went to Wimpole Hall. It is a house owned by a very rich person. First we went to the home farm. It was great! We saw some baby lambs that had JUST been born. They looked so weak with their tiny legs.

The piggery was my favourite. One piglet puts his legs on another pig so he could see us better!

I went outside and patted a donkey.

Then we watched the turkeys. They were proud, sinister and ugly. I called them Great Uncle Walter and Great Aunt Harriet. Next we went to the garden. It was very beautiful. Me and Elsie pretended to be millionares. It was very fun. Mum said it reminded her of The Secret Garden (a books she likes).

Then we went to the hall. We had to wear shoe covers. I did a trail called the 'mob cap trail'. It was the one about the servants.

 Here are things I learned:

1. Some people can build fake ruins;

2. It takes 100 normal baths to fill a fancy bath;

3. Elsie Bambridge (the last owner of the house) was the daughter of a great author!

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  1. Sounds like you had an exciting time Bec. Nanna loved the description of the turkeys (and so did I). We were also glad that the donkey didn't feel like a snack of fingers, instead of just a pat. I also like the 'folly', I love seeing them. This one looks special because they made it to look like a ruin. Love Grandad