Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Anglesey Abbey

Today we went to Anglesey Abbey. It had a great garden. It was much bigger than our house. It even had its own nature reserve and mill. The mill was great. It was a bit like a museum. We got to see all the things that millers used.

I got a medal for turning the grindstone eight times. It was fun but it was only one for children.

Then we went to the Abbey. We had to wear plastic shoe things. I loved the adventure trail. You were supposed to look for an intruder who can change shape. We found out that his favourite shape was a circle. We won another medal at the end. There are three things I learned:

1. Lord Fairhaven has chandeliers that used to belong to George II.

2. Lord Fairhaven's mum was a pianist.

3. Lord Fairhaven collected clocks.

On the way to the car Jacob spotted a pheasant in the snow!

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  1. Hi Bec, what a great post. I love the photos and the fact that you could turn that wheel 8 times! Nanna said she's glad its only for kids as she's sure she couldn't do it 61 times. Love Grandad