Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Weekend

On Good Friday after church we went on a walking tour around Cambridge. I saw the windows of the room in which William Wordsworth lived. I am learning his poem 'The Daffodils'.

We also saw a big metal map of Cambridge and lots other interesting things. I liked the ghost story that the tour guide told us when we were at the hotel called 'The Eagle'.

Then on Sunday we went to Wimpole Hall for an Easter egg trail. It was very fun. Here are some pictures.

In front of the formal gardens that are at the back of the house.

Doing the egg and spoon race.

In the giant nest
Grooming the donkey

With our Easter Eggs at the end...

...Lydia has already started hers!
On Monday we went to Long Melford and saw the village church and a house from the 1500s called Melford Hall.

We are looking at a times table on the wall of the Lady Chapel in the village church, which was used as a school for about 150 years.

Outside the village church

Outside Melford Hall

Mum and me at the back of Melford Hall
On the way home we went to Bury St Edmunds and saw some ruins of an abbey. Here are some pictures:

Elsie and me on the Abbey ruins

Me looking through a window in the Abbey ruins

In the Abbey ruins
Near the Abbey ruins there was a memorial to seventeen martyrs who Queen Mary had killed. There were lots more but these were the ones that had died here in Bury St Edmunds. They were just ordinary people who were killed for being Protestants.

At the martyrs' memorial

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  1. Hi Bec, it looks like you had SO much fun on the Easter weekend. The photos are wonderful. Love the one of you in the Abbey window. I bet your Nanna loves any of them that have you all wearing the berets. It would have been exciting to see where William Wordsworth once lived. And, oh...I just love the photo of Lydia eating her egg. Love Grandad