Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Last week we went to London. I did so much I can't tell you everything, but I'll show you some photos.

Hampton Court Palace

Henry VIII's kitchens - I'm holding some fake fish

Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station

The Tower of London
One of the ravens at The Tower of London

St Paul's Cathedral

A fox we saw in the back garden of the place we were staying!
Buckingham Palace gates

Big Ben!

Inside the British Museum

Some of the statues from the Parthenon

Kensington Palace

Sitting in the place Queen Victoria sat on the day she became Queen

See 'Dippy' at the Natural History Museum

Downing St (where the Prime Minister lives!)
Buckingham Palace

Changing of the guard

Fortnam and Mason (a posh shop)
Westminster Bridge

Museum of London

Getting wet in the rain


  1. Hi Bec, so many wonderful places. I love all of the photos. Platform nine and three quarters must have been a highlight. The umbrella makes you look like you really are English. Love Grandad

  2. Wow! You got to see a real fox! I wish I could see one. Platform 9 3\4 is so cool. Did you go all the way to Hogwarts? ;)

  3. Thanks grandad,

    And thanks Sophie and Bethany! I didn't get to go to Hogwarts. I thik they must have changed the location. :)

  4. ....and it was great to see a fox - it was a real surprise! What animals do you see in Vanuatu?

  5. Well... we get to see lots of frogs and lizards and crabs. And we see lots of baby chicks, too.

  6. Cool! We saw a frog in England and I almost stepped on it!