Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I have recently finished Emma, by Jane Austen. Jane Austen is a very witty writer. She writes about marriages. She is such a good writer. I never know who will marry who!

In Emma, Emma Woodhouse meets Harriet Smith. She instantly becomes friends and, not wanting Harriet to marry a farmer, made her reject Mr Martin's proposal. She wants Harriet to marry Mr Elton. But it turns out Mr Elton wants to marry Emma (because of her money)! Emma of course refuses.

Mr Elton goes away and, while he is away, Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill come back. Then Mr Elton comes back. He has married Augusta Hawkins.. She is very mean.

Emma thinks she is in love with Frank Churchill. Then Frank Churchill holds a ball, and even though Mr Knightley doesn't like dancing, he goes to it. At the ball, Harriet has no-one to dance with. Mr Elton doesn't want to dance with her and is very rude. But, even though he doesn't like dancing, Mr Knightley dances with her. Later, Frank Churchill saved Harriet from some gypsies. Then Harriet says she is in love with a very superior person. Emma thinks she is talking about Frank Churchill. Then Emma goes to Box Hill. She is mean to Jane Fairfax's aunt. Then Frank's aunt dies. Frank Churchill says that he has had a secret engagement with Jane Fairfax. Emma thinks Harriet will be very sad. But then it turns out Harriet's in love with Mr Knightley! Then Emma realises she is in love with Mr Knightley and is devastated. But then Mr Knightley proposes to her! Later on Harriet is proposed to again by Mr Martin. She accepts.

The main characters in Emma are Emma, Mr Knightley, Harriet, Jane Fairfax, Frank Churchill and Mr Elton.

Emma is a rich girl who is very patient and clever. But she is spoilt. Her mother died when she was young and now she lives with her father.

Mr Knightley is the only one of the characters who can find fault with Emma. But he ends up marrying her! His predictions are always correct. He is my favourite character because he is so kind.

Harriet is Emma's best friend. She lives in a boarding school and nobody knows who her parents are. She is pretty and humble. She also has a good temper.

My favourite part in Emma is the trip to Box Hill. Emma flirts with Frank Churchill. Then Frank Churchill playts a game and Emma is mean to Mrs Bates. Later Mr Knightley scolds Emma about it. Emma is sad and decides to make up to Mrs Bates.

I love Emma and it is one of my favourite books.

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  1. Great review Bec, I'm impressed at just how many of Jane Austen's books you have read. You're right, there is a lot of interest in who is getting married. Love Grandad.