Saturday, 23 March 2013

Northanger Abbey

I have been reading a book called Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. It is about a girl called Catherine Morland who goes to Bath and meets a handsome man called Henry Tilney and a nice young girl called Isabella. But is Isabella really her friend? Soon she is in Henry Tilney's home - Northanger Abbey. Catherine learns that you shouldn't trust Gothic novels.

The main characters are Henry, Isabella, Catherine and Eleanore. Henry is very handsome and "understands muslin"! He loves reading. His father is General Tilney. He marries Catherine. Isabella is Catherine's best friend. She is friends with her only because she wants to marry her brother. When she is engaged with him she betrays him and runs away with Captain Tilney. Catherine is the daughter of a clergyman. She likes reading Gothic novels and hates history. She gets a bit tired of Bath after a while. Eleanore is Catherine's true friend and Henry's sister. She loves history and her brother.

My favourite part is when Catherine spends half the night trying to open a chest and it had a shopping list in it! She was so keen to open it because it looked exactly like a chest that Henry had described and her mind was running wild with ideas about secret autobiographies. It is funny when the reality is so much less exciting.

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  1. A great review Bec. The opening of the chest is VERY funny. Do you know you have two men in your life with the name Henry? Guess who they are. Love Grandad