Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Out of all the birds of england, the robin is my favourite. Here are a few facts
about them.
Appearance:grownups are very colourful. They are brown and red. Children are not
so colourful . They're just brown.
Habitat:Robins live in woods, hedges, parks and gardens.
Lifespan:3 or 4 years.Oldest known one lived 13 years
Diet:bugs, worms, seeds and fruit.
Territory:Robins love their territory.Sometimes they die fighting for it. Dads mark their territory by singing loudly.
We saw a robin today. It was a kid.

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  1. Robins are lovely. If you go to the Wikipedia site you can listen to their call. It is a sweet sound. Get Jake and Elsie to listen to it as well. Love Grandad.