Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bird watching

Today we went to Anglesey Abbey to go bird watching. We went to a wildlife discovery area. We went on the Lime Tree Lookout which is a gianormous tree house with an old boot as a door stopper. While we were up there we saw some people setting a hedgehog free, so I think it was a pretty good deal. Next we went to a bug hotel. It was really, really big. I saw some slaters in one bit. I also saw lots and lots of spiders webs. Then we went to a wildlife hut. We saw a Great Tit and I thought it was a woodpecker. The tit was really colourful.

Then we went to the shops and bougt some peanuts so we could attract some woodpeckers. When we got it home we hung it up. It was quite cool.

looking at the bark on one of the trees

the woodland

wildlife discovery area

Lime Tree Lookout

Bug hotel

with our binoculars!

Great tit
Our bird feeder with peanuts in it.


  1. It's so exciting that you bought your own bird feeder. I hope it attracts lots of birds. The Tree house looked great. Love Grandad

  2. Have any woodpeckers come yet?

  3. Oh. That's sad. Do you think something scares them away?

  4. No,I think they just eat it when we are not looking.