Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Cowper, Newton and Bunyan

On Saturday we went to the Newton and Cowper museum. It was about a person named John Newton who was a slave trader and one day he became a Christian. It happened when his ship was caught in a storm and almost sunk. But God was gracious and let him live. He STILL did slave trade for a while but then he stopped and became a minister. He wrote Amazing Grace.

running through the garden!

Elsie and me looking at a model of a slave ship like the one Newton would have been on.

looking at the displays

me outside the summer house, where Newton and Cowper met to write and talk

Cowper was a famous poet and a friend of Newton. He had fits of depression, owned three hares and was Jane Austen's favourite poet.

Then we went to the John Bunyan Museum. He is famous for writing The Pilgrim's Progress. It is a very good book. The Museum was great. My favourite part was the cobbled street because it looked so lifelike.

Statue of John Bunyan

Bunyan Museum

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  1. I love the photos Bec, you look like you were having sooo... much fun. Love Grandad